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Impact of Covid 19 and where we are now

Covid 19 and where we are now

We currently have clients considering options around their future funding requirements to sustain their business in these interim uncertain times and looking to the future with positivity and optimism.

We are finding principle lenders to be proactive and supportive and not a great deal has changed with their underwriting requirements and support teams are currently at full capacity.

Currently, many of the lenders that have appetite for hospitality loans are working ‘full tilt’ through the Government backed ‘CBILS’ loan scheme and the expectations are that High Street lenders will have the capacity to review new loan applications within the coming months. For those enterprises that did not ‘fit the mould’ of their current lenders policies or debt servicing criteria, now could be a good time to review alternative lenders, thereby enabling loan to be drawn down later in the autumn and beyond.

Now is the time to carry out a full business review and set out short term interim strategies against restricted trading and planning for resurgence over the next 18 months. Never has there been a more important time to get a clear strategy plan in place.

The plan will aid funding support from your existing lender or seek to support new financial partnerships.

OneCall have over the last 15 years provided strategic development processes and plans throughout the Country and our experience is vital to our client’s success.

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Mark- there is no doubt that you are the greatest find Lucy and I could have ever made (and I know I can be a little OTT at times but I do really mean that).

Without you we would be long gone!

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