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Business Sales and Marketing


Our specialist business consultants deliver fast & effective strategies & solutions, offering a results-orientated approach.

Business Sales and Marketing Audit

  • Social media, engagement, social presence, industry influence, 30 free promotional photographs and calls to action
  • Reservation platform analysis to effectively achieve covers, beds, members and staffing management
  • Sales visibility; calls to action
  • E-shots to include company newsletters, cost analysis and presentation
  • Database segmentation in terms of relativity
  • Product advertising promotion, calls to action
  • Website build, management and SEO; user experience, web design, check through rates and key words
  • Delivery market – transportation of goods, use of photography, pricing structures
  • Effectiveness of Advertising – TripAdvisor, Google, Yelp, Open Table, other booking platforms
  • Yearly marketing strategy
  • PR
  • Competitor and influencer analysis
  • Brand reputation and consistency
  • Macro environment analysis – external influencers – revenue streams – SWOT analysis

We offer a bespoke programme to suit your business and budget

In Summary – Business Sales and Marketing

  • Business strategies and budgets and seasonal, local and national outreach
  • Digital social media and CRM and email marketing and website development and optimisation
  • Advertorial and branding design: menus, brochures, point of sale, etc.
  • Brand development and new openings
  • Market research, competitor analysis and local outreach
  • Partnerships and 3rd party collaborations
  • Promotional photography
  • Departmental training: marketing, sales and events
  • Private dining & events: analysis, marketing research, menu and cost development
  • Creative campaigns and content

To stand out within the market, you need to establish your roots before trying to conquer the world. We will assist in all aspects of local outreach, from establishing 3rd party collaborations, completing competitor analysis, implementing effective promotions and networking with the local community.

“Knowledge is power,” and getting the right information about your market, its competitors and your customers is vital. I can help collect and utilise this data to positively impact your business through increased sales.

From site acquisition through to opening, we will work with you to create your brand story, identity, collateral and strategy. We can work on an opening project basis, or maintain your brand strategy throughout the year.

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