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Great news – Red wine could be good for your health!

Good news for those enjoy a glass of red wine – a great-grandfather has revealed it’s his secret to long life as he celebrates his 100th birthday.
Charlie Matthews enjoys gardening and living by the sea – but hails his long life down to the red Merlot he drinks. He fought in the Second World War, and has enjoyed a quiet life following his retirement from accountancy over 43 years ago.

Asked what he thought was the key was to a long life, Charlie laughed: “Red wine – plenty of it has helped me live to be 100.”
So what is it about red wine that could make it beneficial?
The most frequently highlighted health benefit of red wine is that it can benefit the heart. Red wine contains a number of nutrients linked with a healthy heart, including:

Polyphenols – the powerful antioxidants that can protect your body from atherosclerosis, a condition that occurs when fat clogs your arteries.
Quercetin – from a group of plant-based nutrients known as flavonoids. These reduce blood pressure, control inflammation and prevent oxidative stress that can damage cells.
Resveratrol – offers some protection against harmful cholesterol, and triglycerides, and can reduce heart tissue damage after a stroke or serious health issue. However, there’s nowhere near enough resveratrol in your glass for you to really feel this benefit from wine alone.

It has also been suggested that red wine can keep weight under control due to a nutrient called piceatannol. Found in many fruits, including red grapes it can stop fat cells from growing by destroying them in the early stages of development, preventing them from building up and therefore playing a small role in preventing weight gain.
If all that wasn’t enough red wine can also help keep blood sugar down, keep free radicals in check and also slow down dementia symptoms.
It has often been said that “a little bit of what you fancy does you good”

So when you’re opening a nice bottle of Argentinian Malbec to share with friends at a summer BBQ it could just be helping to keep you healthier for longer.

Cheers from EWGA Wines!

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