Health Check Review

Look forward to a great 2018 with our essential business health check 

Onecall Hospitality provides a fast track onsite ‘Health Check’ that identifies and proposes financially beneficial recommendations:

  • First Impressions and location
  • Identification of strategies that will reduce costs and improve profits
  • Evaluation of current services, sales and marketing effectiveness
  • Revenue opportunities
  • Competition and preferred provider options
  • Operational management strengths and weaknesses
  • Cash management, financial controls, viability and availability of MI
  • Desktop LTV assessment


Complete business evaluation:

  • Finance, accommodation, food and beverage management, HR management
  • Environment and location
  • Brand positioning, competition
  • Accounting and finance
  • Development and implementation of a financial strategy, cost control initiatives, profit maximisation
  • Operational recommendations
  • Concept innovation and product development
  • Customer
  • Customer service management
  • Staff recruitment and selection, staff training, operational efficiency
  • Health and safety and food safety legislation
  • Sales and marketing, planning,  marketing campaigns, sales promotion design, loyalty schemes, website development and redesign, online marketing, email campaigns, database management

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