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Management Agents

Onecall Hospitality provide a service endorsed by years of experience and qualification

We manage the day to day running of hospitality businesses; increasing revenue & maximising profits*.

1. Financial 

  • Investigate all areas of income and expenditure
  • Review of trading and cash performance
  • Identify key issues affecting cashflow
  • Implement Industry standards and cost control initiatives
  • Develop effective book keeping practices
  • Assess areas of profitability – profit margins – control systems - profit maximisation
  • Identify short comings in billing procedures i.e. till shortages, stock takes
  • Assess security systems and fraud prevention
  • Research purchasing control systems and wastage

2. Ongoing Operational Concerns

  • Identify non profit making areas within the operation
  • Implement operational improvement systems - concept innovation*
  • Assess suppliers - concerns reference pre booked business
  • Booking systems – agents
  • Telephone and website response systems
  • Identlify service and product imperfections
  • Consider value for money – guest expectations
  • General aesthetics – cost effective improvements*

3. Employee Management

  • Full review of current personnel
  • Managing people – departmental rostas, rates of pay, break and holiday entitlement
  • Job Descriptions, person specifications, appraisals, renumeration and bonus systems
  • Wage reduction
  • Management coaching and mentoring
  • Staff Training and development – customer service, up selling opportunities
  • Disciplinary and redundancy procedures

4. Health and Safety

  • Check all compulsory legal requirements are being met with respect to operations (Insurances, liabilities) health and safety (electrical, COSHH, lifts) food safety, staff training

5. Sales and Marketing

  • Key market segment development – new customer bases
  • Research competition
  • Implement advertising promotions, campaigns, loyalty schemes
  • Redevelop websites*
  • Research website booking agents, website links and database management

6. Key Performance Indicators

  • Benchmarks - Gross Profit margins, wages and other expenditures

*Based on cash flow availability 

Hotel Case Study

  • 100+ Bedrooms
  •  Health and Leisure centre
  •  4 bars,
  •  Total capacity 700 guests

Through the introduction of key management principles, the hotel has experienced a dramatic growth in profitability.  Accounts demonstrate that the hotel has seen a YTD growth in Net Profit of 112% since July 2011.  It has also experienced the following occupancy’s:  July – 79%, Aug – 74%, Sept 74% compared against a monthly average of 44.5% over the first two quarters of trading.  Administration management from OCH continues to be provided to Hotel X whilst decisions relating to exit are decided by the executive board.  Mark Chambers states, “It’s great to have had such a positive impact on the business; in an industry that is suffering on the back of the economic depression its satisfying that through introducing our companies ‘best practice’ financial principles and essential management policies we have managed to maintain the legacy of the business and kept more than 40 full and part time staff in employment.  We have also implemented an ongoing sales and marketing strategy that has seen continued revenue growth whist offering quality and a service that keeps patrons of the hotel satisfied.   

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