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Business Recovery

  • Onecall Hospitality offer 'new business' start up help and business turnaround solutions to clients who are unable to meet their financial commitments or wish to improve sales and profitablity. Pubs, restaurants, hotels, guest houses, caravan parks, golf clubs, societies and public sector catering services.
  • We provide individual solutions the matter how small or large the business. We offer ongoing support and if preferred will manage your business on your behalf.
  • Services are based on the introduction and provision of viable operational strategies that identify business strengths and weaknesses, cause and effects and future business viability.

Half Day Business Health Check

Essential 2014 Planning Tool - Bespoke service for hospitality and leisure businesses with a turnover of less than £500K

Onecall Hospitality provides a fast track onsite ‘Health Check’ that identifies and proposes financially beneficial recommendations:

  • First Impressions and location
  • Identification of strategies that will reduce costs and improve profits
  • Evaluation of current services, sales and marketing effectiveness
  • Revenue opportunities
  • Competition and preferred provider options
  • Operational management strengths and weaknesses
  • Cash management, financial controls, viability and availability of MI
  • Desk top LTV assessment

Full Business Review

For businesses experiencing financial difficulties, this review will identify cost effective strategies to affect business turnaround. We also research potential revenue streams that will add business value should exit be the preferred option.

Complete Business Evaluation:

Business overview
Finance, room management, food and beverage management, HR management

Location, brand positioning, competition

Accounting and Finance
Development and implementation of financial strategy, cost control initiatives, profit maximization

Operation recommendations
Concept innovation, product development, customer service management, recruitment and selection, staff training, operational efficiency, health and safety, legislation

Sales and Marketing
Strategic marketing planning,  marketing campaigns, sales promotion design, loyalty schemes, website development and redesign, online marketing, email campaigns, database management,